Wassim + Kvium


The Michelin-star chef Wassim Hallal had a vision. He wanted to create a book combining his best recipes with original lithographies from the acclaimed artist Michael Kvium.

We developed the overall concept, designed the narrative of the book and made it happen. Based on interviews with Wassim Hallal and Michael Kvium we wrote all text throughout the book.


At a retail price of DDK 30.000 for one of the 100 numbered editions, the art book is the most expensive cookbook ever published in Denmark.

It is not a book – it is an objet d'art. This is my baby. I'm incredibly proud of the result.
Wassim Hallal
Michelin-star chef

Morten Scholz created the main narrative in the book. Punktum Design designed the book. Together we produced the book. 

In family we trust.