Tall tales, short tales, straight tales and avantgarde tales.

We believe in the raw and thunderous power of telling a great story. It doesn't matter if we are writing a book, designing an exhibition, directing a movie or creating a campaign. The story comes first. 

About Morten Scholz

The agency is founded by Morten Wilhelm Scholz – academic, creative, advisor, writer, literary critic & adventurer.

Morten has 15 years of experience in creating cosmos, content, and campaigns for everybody from big business to art house.

He is a storyteller at heart.

A great story can solve the Gordian knot, move mountains and make the grass grow.
Morten Wilhelm Scholz

We never repeat. We refuse to copy ourselves. To quote a famous somebody "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." 

No client is alike, no obstacle is alike, nor should any solution ever be alike.

And don't worry. We always succeed. But we keep on failing until we get there.    

Areas of expertise


We pride ourselves on being stupid. This stupidity we sell to our clients as sound advice. 

If we understand it, everyone else will understand it too. 


We do brand strategy, brand platforms, brand direction and core stories. 

We develop visual identities with our Associates.


We tell stories and review stories. We create and develop media brands and platforms – print and digital. 

Morten Wilhelm Scholz is a literary critic for Weekendavisen, and has worked as editor-in-chief for several magazines.  


We create bright and beautiful books that leave a mark on the reader. 

We build the narrative, conceptualize the story, write the copy and design the books together with our Associates.


We curate and conceptualize exhibitions. 

We get the narrative straight, we write copy, and we conceptualize the spatial and visual experience together with our associates.


We love campaigning. It is the purest form of storytelling getting the whole narrative down into as few words as possible. Tricky but rewarding. 

We conceptualize and create the ideas. We execute campaigns together with our Associates. 



Moving images are made for storytelling. 

We create ideas and write manuscripts. Together with our associates we produce the film.