We are a family of creative minds combining talents from academia, design, photography, writing, music, film, space, styling and storytelling.  

Together we blow minds. 

Benjamin Robin Graahede Identity

Benjamin Robin Graahede is a graphic designer specialized in branding, communication and identities. Benjamin runs his own shop named "No 22 Studio" founded in 2014.

He joined the family in 2019.

Frithjof Toksvig Music

Frithjof Toksvig is a musician and an acclaimed film score composer. Frithjof performs and releases albums as an solo artist under the name Ekko, and makes up one third of Vi Sidder Bare Her.

He joined the family in 2019.

Georg Rune Andersen Film and animation

Georg Rune Andersen is a photographer, film editor and one man production company. He makes films, moving images and tell stories. 

He joined the family in 2019.

Ida Nissen Design production

Ida Nissen is a senior designer, art director and project manager. She is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. She runs her own shop under the name By Ida Nissen.

She joined the family in 2018. 

Jacob Birch Books

Jacob Birch is a graphic designer specialized in printed matter. Jacob runs Spine Studio together with Finn Wergel Dahlgren. Jacob holds a Master's degree from Design School Kolding, and Finn holds a Master's degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

He joined the family in 2018. 

Laura Silke Magazines

Laura Silke is a senior graphic designer specialized in print and typographic solutions. She holds a master from the Royal College of Art in London, UK, 2013. She runs her own shop under her own name. 

She joined the family in 2019. 

Morten Wilhelm Scholz Ideas

Morten Wilhelm Scholz is the father of the family connecting the dots and making things happen. He has a ton of experience in creating cosmos, content and crazyness for everybody from big business to art house. Morten holds a Bachelor's degree in History of Ideas from The University of Aarhus and a Master's degree in Cultural Studies from The University of Copenhagen.  

He founded the family in 2018. 

Rikke Charlotte Styling and SoMe

Rikke Charlotte is a fashion professional working with styling, communication and Social Media.

She joined the family in 2019. 

Søren Hvitfeldt Graphic Design

Søren Hvitfeldt is a senior designer specialized in graphic design and art direction. He runs his own shop under his own name. 

He joined the family in 2019. 

Søren Varming Design

Søren Varming is a senior graphic designer. He founded Punktum Design twenty years ago. Søren is educated from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Visual design, and has 25 years of experience. 

He is the true godfather. He joined the family in 2018. 

Troels Øder Hansen Space

Troels Øder Hansen is a designer with extensive experience in furniture, product, and spatial design. Troels is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and holds a Master in Space and Furniture.

He joined the family in 2019.

Anne Mai Bjerregaard Image production

Anne Mai Bjerregaard is a creative producer specialized in production and project management of still photography and films. After several years as project manager and producer at different agencies in the advertising industry, she founded AM studio in 2016 and has been working freelance since. Anne Mai has studied Art History at the University of Copenhagen.  

She joined the family in 2019.