We are a constellation of unique talent. 

Working together to create greatness. 

The power of family

We represent a family of highly specialized creative minds. From job to job we set the team within the family creating the perfect formation to crack the idea, create the concept, run the production, deliver on our promises, and ultimately blow minds. 

About Morten Wilhelm Scholz

The agency is founded by Morten Wilhelm Scholz – academic, creative, advisor, writer, director, literary critic & adventurer.

The overall ambition is to create an alternative to the established agencies, do great, and make our clients happy. We are in the business of rocking the boat and making a splash.
Morten Wilhelm Scholz
Area of expertice


We create and maintain brands.

We develop brand strategy, brand direction, core story and visual identity.


We create books.

We build the narrative, conceptualize the story, create the design, write the copy, handle photography, edit and layout everything, and handle printing. 


We create film.

We develop ideas and write story boards. We produce films including prepping, filming, editing, post-production and film score. 


We create campaigns.  

We conceptualize and create ideas for campaings. We produce campaigns and all content for campaigns. 


We curate and conceptualize exhibitions. 

We get the narrative straight, we conceptualize the spatial and visual experience, and we produce the exhibition and the content.


We create photos.

We produce photographic material for branding, campaigns and content.  


We create sound design and film scores.

Some of us even play in succesfull rock bands.


We create spaces. 

We conceptualize and produce spatial experiences - both permanent and temporary. 


We indulge in something as old fashioned as media.

We write articles and review literature for print media. We produce content for flow TV.